How to Get Guaranteed Approval Unsecured Credit Cards?

If you have had bad credit but would like to renew your credit score then you may want to check out guaranteed approval unsecured credit cards. A guaranteed unsecured credit card approval is the process for approving people with bad credit.

This kind of card actually gives people with bad credit improve their credit standing and qualify for a secure credit card or a regular credit card. When someone who has a tarnished credit record improves his credit standing, he will soon be able to qualify for larger and more convenient credit card loans, personal loans and even housing loans.

Here’s what happens behind every guaranteed unsecured credit card approval process:

1. Credit card companies accept applicants no matter

Credit card companies accept applicants no matter what their credit standing is and no matter what financial state they currently have. All that applicants must secure is an application form from the credit card company. Different companies may have different questions to ask but none will ask for financial backgrounds and there are no employment checks as well.

2. Get approval with no deposit

Credit card companies will accept the completed application form and then checks that all the fields are complete. When all the fields are checked, the credit card application for guaranteed credit card approval no deposit is immediately approved.

3. Customer Service sets you up

A credit card with all the important information as well as the customer service number to all is at the back. This card is usually mailed to the customer or the credit card company may send an email to the customer or phone in to advice of card pickup from the bank or credit card company.

4. You can now use the card!

As soon as the customer receives the card, you may already use the card. Understanding the rules and the regulations of using guaranteed approval unsecured credit cards is a must especially when the user has handled a credit card before.

5. They report your credit

After every payment is made for the card, credit card companies report to credit bureaus to revive the customer’s credit standing. The issuing credit card company aims to help by furnishing reports for their customers.

6. Manage your payments and all other features

Credit cards like guaranteed approval credit cards may also be enrolled online. Credit card companies recommend their members to do so to be able to manage their payments and all other features of the credit card. This will help familiarize users with the terms and conditions that come with the use of the card.

How to Find the Best Guaranteed Approval Credit Card Offers

Guaranteed approval credit cards are credit cards fit for people with not so good credit standing. These cards are specially designed to help improve a person’s credit score or credit standing by making up to date payments and reporting to credit bureaus. But aside from these obvious advantages of this kind of card, there are guaranteed approval credit card offers to take note of, here are the most popular:

100% guaranteed credit card approval

100% guaranteed credit card approval is an offer that means there are no turn-downs when applying for these cards. There are no credit checks and employment checks required either so anyone that wishes to apply will get approved right away.

Easy credit card guaranteed approval online

Personal credit card applications are a thing of the past now that there is convenient online application for a guaranteed approval credit card. Just like applying for this kind of credit card personally through a bank or a credit company, all you need to do is to accomplish an application form and then submit it online. You will receive a confirmation of your application within the day. Your credit card will be delivered to you via mail or you may be told to claim your credit card from the bank or from the credit card office.

And aside from applying online, you may also enroll your new credit card to an online site from the credit card company. By enrolling your card, you can access information about it online. You may pay for your bills or you may check out available features for you when you use it. By using an online system, you will also be able to immediately check on your FICO credit score. Monitoring your credit score will help you track your performance and help you improve your financial strategies to be able to make on time payments.

Other kinds of offers

Most features of this kind of card are also found in regular cards. Offers like no purchase transaction fees, no overdraft fees, cash back offers, points and miles offers, instant account number generation, monthly reporting to credit bureaus, ATM withdrawals for cash advances and so on. Remember each card has its own features as well as rules on how to use the credit card. You must familiarize yourself with these guaranteed approval credit card offers so you will easily and confidently use your card to pay for purchases online and offline.

How to Get Instant Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Having bad credit does not limit you from getting a credit card now that there is fast and easy instant approval credit cards for bad credit. This type of credit card is provided by some credit card companies in an effort to help people with bad credit improve their credit rating. Aside from this obvious advantage, here are some of the unseen benefits of using a guaranteed approval credit card bad credit:

1. No credit checks necessary

There are no credit checks, no employment checks and there are no required credit reports needed in securing a guaranteed approval unsecured credit card. This means that even if you have a tarnished credit record, unpaid credit bills or undisclosed credits you will never be turned down.

2. You get approved in minutes.

Once you have filled out an application form you can immediately receive your card and if you applied online, your credit card will be sent to you shortly. Once you receive your card you can immediately use it to make online or offline purchases.

3. Shop anywhere

You can now shop in over millions of shops, eat in any restaurant that accept your credit card or pay for any purchase once you have validated your card. You do not have to worry; there is no difference between the appearance of this kind of card with a regular card. It has the familiar credit card names and symbols plus the customer service number of the credit card company at the back.

4. Get legal assistance

Some credit card companies offer comprehensive legal assistance plans for members so that they may be able to revive their credit standing in no time.

5. You can enjoy no purchase transaction fees and overdraft fees.

Most cards will also offer free direct deposits, mobile account access and cash withdrawal through ATMs or through a bank teller.

6. Repair your credit

You can be sure that you will be able to revive your credit status once you have paid for your bills on time. All credit card companies that offer guaranteed approval credit card bad credit report to main credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You will be able to help revive your ailing credit reputation in no time at all. You can also count on free credit score tracking features to easily learn your credit standing as you make your payments.

But of course, non-payment could cost you. You will be subjected to high late payment fees and will also affect your current credit score.

How to Get a Guaranteed Credit Card Approval

Credit cards have made purchasing all sorts of items easier online and offline. When you have a credit card you can buy the latest electronic gadget, pay for you bills using your card and even book a hotel for the weekend from across the globe! And as we all know only people with good credit are approved for a regular credit card; this is so because credit card companies conduct business in terms of trust that is why they prefer members with excellent credit backgrounds. But have you heard about a guaranteed credit card approval? If you have a not so good credit standing then you may be interested as to what this kind of credit card has to offer.

What is a guaranteed approval card?

A guaranteed approval credit card is a type of card that is intended for people with bad credit. What this card does is that it offers the usual features of a credit card like ability to purchase items online or offline, ability to pay for bills and so on. What makes this kind of card special is that there are no credit checks done for applicants so you can get your credit card in just a few minutes. There are no turn downs so this means that no matter who you are and no matter what credit score you have you will be approved. And most of all, guaranteed credit card approval companies will report directly to credit card bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) every time you pay your credit card bills which will help you improve your credit score as you use your card.

How to get guaranteed approval credit card?

You can get guaranteed approval credit card by applying from credit card companies that offer it. There are so many credit card companies that offer guaranteed credit card approval and just like what was stated above, there is no need to wait for a very long time to get your card. There are no credit checks and bad credit reports; all you need is to accomplish an application form and you will be provided with your card in just a few hours’ time.

How to use a guaranteed approval credit card?

Once you have received a guaranteed credit card approval you can already use your card. You may use your credit card by

  1. Making in –store purchases. Simply present your card once you are ready to check your purchases out. The store clerk will never know that you are using a guaranteed approval credit card. You can use your card and max out your credit balance in one day if you wish for as long as you are able to make sufficient payments on your card.
  2. Make online purchases. There are different types of credit card guaranteed approval cards and just like regular cards you should look for online stores that accept your kind of card. Locate the item that you want to purchase from the store and simply check it out. Input your card number and all other financial and credit card information that the site needs. You will receive a confirmation that your purchase has been successful and the amount has been deducted from your card. The online shop will never know that you are paying using a guaranteed approval credit card.
  3. Dine in thousands of restaurants that accept your card all over the world. You can even order take out from an online site that accepts credit card payments from the kind of card you have. You will receive a confirmation slip (which serves as your receipt) through email.
  4. Book airline reservations and accommodations from thousands of hotels all over the world using your credit card. You may even get to accumulate points and miles as you use your credit card.
  5. You may use your credit card to validate accounts such as online payment system accounts, casino accounts and online bidding or auction accounts. Your card is your access to so many opportunities online that you can only imagine before.

Some important things to remember when using a guaranteed approval card:

The most important thing to remember is to pay your credit card statements online. If you fail to settle payments, your account will be subjected to harsh late payment fees and other credit card charges. You may not be allowed to use your card unless all the balance has been settled as well.

Since credit card companies that offer guaranteed approval credit cards report to credit bureaus, your score could suffer from your late payment or non-payment. A wise money management and credit card management strategy is important so that you won’t forget paying for your credit card. You can learn more about this kind of card by checking on the credit card company official site.

What Are the Best First Credit Cards?

Credit cards are a particularly handy form of personal credit. Great for when you are shopping online, great for when you are travelling, and great to have as a bit of an emergency back-up for those moments when you don’t have quite enough cash to cover the bills that you need to pay. But getting your first credit card is a big step and not something to be taken lightly.

Let’s take a look at which are the best first credit cards – here are some simple tips, advice, and guidance to help you make your decision.

Getting your first credit card

Whether you have some holidays planned, or you want to start to build a credit record, take stock of your personal finances and make sure that your affairs are in order if you have decided that you are ready to get your first credit card.

Where to get your first credit card

There are lots of different companies and organizations that will be keen to issue you with a credit card. Not just financial institutions, but all sorts of companies or stores are able to issue credit cards.

The best strategy is to take your first credit card out with the financial institution where you do most of your banking. There are several advantages to this, but the primary one is that you just need a simple product that doesn’t have high fees or charges. Don’t apply for a high credit limit for your first credit card, just get something small that is easily manageable.

How to get your first credit card

All credit card issuers will require you to complete an application form in order from them to consider your request for a credit card and to decide what would be an appropriate credit limit to set for you.

The advantage of applying for your first credit card through your existing financial institution is that they will be able to see your existing accounts to support your application and they will be able to link the payment of your credit card as a direct debit from your transaction account – this ensures that your credit cards debts are paid off regularly.

So which are the best first credit cards? It really depends on your personal financial circumstances, your financial objectives, and your financial goals. Do not rush into getting your first credit card, take your time and do your research, make sure you get the right credit card for you.

Choosing Which Credit Card is Best For Me

Most people out there need a credit card. It is not always the case that you need a line of personal credit, but credit cards are essential when you are shopping online or purchasing through an online merchant. They are also particularly handy when you are traveling, plus they are also a useful backup – for those emergency situations when you do not have any cash on you but need to pay for something essential.

But which credit card is best? How do you know which credit card is right for you? There are so many different offers out there, so many companies are anxious to give you a credit card that it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Here are some hints and tips to help you make the right decision as we look at what are the best credit cards to have.

Which is the best credit card to get?

Your main decision really is whether to get a standard credit card or a secured credit card. The difference between the two is that a secured card (sometimes also known as a debit credit card) is only spending your own money – no credit is actually issued. Standard credit cards give you a personal credit limit (that is set by the financial institution at the time that the card is issued). This enables the user to spend up to the set limit. Any expenditure that is not paid off in full will incur a credit interest rate that will be added to the overall amount owing.

Which are the best credit cards to have?

The best type of credit cards are the ones that give you benefits over and above just a personal line of credit. Credit cards that are linked to reward programs can be very effective ways to accrue air miles or other reward options while you are going about your day to day shopping or expenditure. The downside with this type of card is that they can sometimes attract high fees or charges so they are best utilized when you are able to pay off the full amount outstanding each month before the interest charges are applied.

So next time you are thinking about switching credit card providers, or just overhauling your personal finances, remember to think about your personal circumstances, think about your financial objectives, think about what you need, and which credit card is best for you.

What Type of Credit Card Should I Get?

Credit cards can be a bit confusing. They are one of the most common forms of personal credit, easy to use, and they have almost become essential when you are buying things through online merchants or websites. But there are so many different types of credit card available on the market that it can sometimes be hard to know which is best for you. So if you are asking yourself: “What type of credit card should I get?” in this article we give you some hints and tips and a bit of guidance on the different types of credit card that you can choose from.

Standard Credit Cards

These are the most common type of credit cards, these are general purpose cards that provide you with a line of credit based on your credit record. The credit limit is established at the time that the card is issued and an interest rate is applied to any unpaid credit balance.

Reward Cards

An increasingly popular form of credit card are reward programs that are affiliated to credit cards. The general structure is that points are accrued for any amounts spent on the credit card. Sometimes this type of card comes with high annual fees or higher interest rates and generally work best for people who are able to pay off the full amount of expenditure each month before any interest is applied to the outstanding amount.

Secured Credit Cards

This type of card effectively gives you the convenience of a credit card without actually providing you with any credit – any expenditure is taken directly from your own funds. This is particularly useful for people who would not otherwise qualify for a credit card. If you are looking to rebuild your credit history, this is a good way to demonstrate to a financial institution that you can manage your finances and eventually apply for a standard credit card.

Specialty Credit Cards

These are also known as white-label credit cards and are often issued as a store card or through other service providers. Sometimes this type of card will deliver a percentage of expenditure to the charity or service provider that has issued the card to you.

When you are asking yourself the question, “What type of credit card should I get?”, think about your financial circumstances and your financial objectives to help you consider the different options available and make the choice that is right for you.

What kind of credit card should I get?

Every now and then it is important to take stock of your financial affairs, to make sure that you have all of your bank accounts and loans under control, and to ensure that you have the right financial products to support your financial objectives. While it is not essential to have a credit card, this line of personal credit can be a helpful way to manage your day to day expenditure and ensure that all of your bills are paid on time. But the question that is inevitable is: “What kind of credit card should I get?” In this article we take a look at a few of the main options.


With its headquarters in the United States, Mastercard is major player in the world’s credit card market. Mastercard offers both debit cards and credit cards and issues the cards through banks or credit unions. Mastercard was established in 1966. Mastercard is a transaction card that is widely accepted around the world and is generally priced the same as Visa from a merchant perspective.


Visa is a credit card company that was established in the United States in 1958 by Bank of America. It offers credit cards and debit cards which are distributed through other financial institutions. Visa cards are widely accepted around the world and from a merchant perspective are generally priced the same as Mastercard. Visa’s headquarters are in Foster City, California. Based on current estimates, Visa has just under 40% of the credit card market in the United States.

American Express

American Express was established in the United States in 1850. This company began life as an express mail business but moved into the financial services in the 1880s when it launched its first money order business. American Express is sometimes not accepted by merchants as they generally incur higher fees for processing transactions through American Express. However American Express cards often have the most attractive loyalty schemes, so while merchants may be reluctant to process the transactions, consumers will be keen to find merchants that will accept the card. American Express has been very good at building its brand and marketing its aspirational values. Recently the brand was ranked as one of the 20 most valuable brands in the world.

While not everyone needs a credit card, if you are finding yourself asking “What kind of credit card should I get?” then remember it is important to shop around, get the best deal possible and use your personal credit wisely.

What Credit Card Should I Get?

For anyone who is trying to sort out there finances, What credit card should I get? is one of the most common questions and considerations that you need to work through. In this article we are going to take a look at a range of different scenarios in order to offer you some advice and hints and tips to make it a little bit easier for you to select the credit card that is right for you.

We will not get into the detail of specific products or deals that might be currently being advertised, these change so frequently that any discussion of these would quickly become irrelevant. Instead we will be looking at some universal rules, or principles, that you can apply to whatever credit card products that you might be considering.

Ask the right questions

If you are just starting to think about your finances, the question what credit card should I get? probably isn’t the best place to start – you need to think about your objectives and your personal circumstances. So instead of asking what credit card should I get? you would be better by starting with the question: “what are my financial objectives?” This will enable you to think about your strengths and weaknesses, to think about how you should structure your finances, and also to think about how much personal credit that you might be able to commit yourself to.

What credit card should I get with no credit?

If you are perhaps a student or rebuilding your credit record after a bit of a shaky financial period, or perhaps if you are not the best at budgeting, then a really popular product are the credit cards that are not really credit cards. Banks and other financial institutions can issue cards from such major companies as Mastercard or Visa but instead of working as a line of personal credit, any transaction simply debits from your own existing funds. If you don’t have the funds in your account then the transaction won’t be accepted.

What credit card should I get to start building credit?

Being able to effectively manage a credit card account is a sensible way of starting to build your credit history with financial institutions. Choose a credit card that only has a small credit limit. This will enable you to demonstrate sound credit management while minimizing the risk that you might get yourself into financial trouble.

What credit card should I get if I have bad credit?

If you have bad credit then the odds are that it was probably credit cards that got you into this situation in the first place. If you are looking to rebuild your finances and your credit rating, then you should probably start off by opting for a credit card that doesn’t utilize credit but is linked directly to your own funds. Avoid the temptation of getting into trouble again.

What credit card should I get as a college student?

It is often surprising just how eager financial institutions are to sign up college students to credit cards and all sorts of other financial services that they really don’t need. If you do think that you need a credit card as a college student, make sure that you get something with a small credit limit or something that works by debiting off your existing funds. Do not try and pay your student loan with a credit card. It is easy to see your debts spiraling out of control.

What credit card should I get to improve my credit score?

A credit card is certainly one aspect that is taken into consideration when financial institutions are assessing your credit score. If you are concerned that your credit score may not be as strong as you like, opt for a credit card with a low limit – all you need to show is that you can effectively manage personal credit and pay your bills when they are due.

What credit card should I get as my first?

If you are just starting out in your financial affairs then getting your first credit card is a big step. Make sure that it is a step that you are taking carefully, that you are not over-extending yourself. Choose a credit card that is offered by your main financial institution – keep your affairs simple and easily within your oversight. If you have lots of different financial products from different countries it is easy for your affairs to become fragmented and things forgotten. Choose a credit card that has a low credit limit. When you are just starting out you need to get used to how the payment cycle works and matches up with your income or salary payments.

The world of credit cards can seem a bit overwhelming at first. When you are asking, What credit card should I get? The answer definitely depends on your personal circumstances and your financial objectives and expectations.